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wordpressWordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
WordPress has an excellent media library and the ability to create galleries for almost any page, but the look and feel are somewhat limited.  This is an optional tab providing a basic photo editor to adjust luminosity and contrast or to rotate the photo to correct its orientation. You can also crop/zoom photo with or without ratio constraints (like square, 3/2, 4/3 which are photo standards). Some photo properties are displayed like filename, size, EXIF date, photo resolution. A slideshow mode is available to review the whole photo selection automatically. A photo album template is selected by default and this tab is to customize your web photo gallery.Import your photos into Photo Gallery from your camera, phone, or other device so you can edit and share them. HTML, Flash or JQuery templates are available with customizable options like text font or color, background color or textures, image size or frame. Here you set a title to your photo album and just click on a button to make the whole photo gallery. If you`re offline, then the photo gallery is saved to your hard drive in folder located at My Documents\httphotos\. The purpose of a photo gallery is to be online so people can view it from the web.Hundreds of thousands of people share, like, and type amen,” on these photos.  If you`re connected via an account opened on servers, then your photo gallery will be uploaded to and hosted on this server. You are free to upload photo galleries created with HTTPhotos to any website, including commercial ones. Note that after you`ve published or updated a post or page including the gallery shortcode, the Visual editor will no longer display the shortcode itself.On Tuesday, Robert Mackey wrote for The New York Times about decisions in newsrooms on publishing the images. You`re free to upload your photo galleries to any web host or you can consider opening an account on to host your photo galleries HTTPhotos is a DigicamSoft product and therefore we provide an integrated solution to make it a one click upload. Open a post or page with a gallery for editing and make sure that you are in the Visual editing mode. If this page didn`t answer your question or left you wanting more, let us know!Photo gallery designed for Joomla 3 , which allows you to view the images published on Google Plus - PICASA - Google Photos The skin `Fuerte`, the new skin `Nano` and the new skin `jGallery`, made using jQuery, suit perfectly to the new responsive templates, which adapt automatically to the resolutions of the devices that display the site (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc..). Under the section Image Gallery Carousel, uncheck the box Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic and click Save, to keep the default thumbnail grid layout across your site. Starting today, we`re going to be rolling out a brand new profile page, photo page, and discover page experience to all 6+ million of our loyal users—the next step in the evolution of 500px as an amazing place to discover and share amazing photography. Your profile page has gotten a lot of love from our world-class team of designers, and we`re so proud to be unveiling it to everybody over the next week.
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We`ve been working around the clock to tweak, improve, and simplify the new photo page design ever since we first began user testing a few months ago, and we think the photo page we`ve created makes 500px more beautiful and intuitive. And since the page is build as a modal,” photos are displayed in a pop-up that allows you to keep your place in the background while you enjoy and interact with the image you clicked on. Caption - you can enter any comment or text about the image in the website photo gallery.All of the info about the photo and the comments section has been moved up and into a sidebar so you don`t have to scroll down and back up every time you want to find out something about the image or leave feedback and praise. Yes, we`ve also done away with pagination and introduced infinite scrolling so you don`t have to stop and reload the page every 50 photos.Comments are always displayed, while the rest of the info can be found in a collapsible Details” tab; and if your photo is available for purchase through the 500px Marketplace , buyers can license it right away through the Download” tab. The page features a sleek new design complete with full aspect ratio images that load smoothly as you scroll… and scroll and scroll and scroll.Your photos themselves are always displayed against a black background so they look their best, the set your photo appears in is listed below the image so fans can quickly find more of your work, and a low-res version will preload so even those with slower connections can quickly enjoy and interact with your photo while the full-res file loads. If you always view the Details dropdown to see what camera gear was used to capture the photo, or check out the photo`s pulse, the page will make sure Details is always open for you. We provide you the tools for easy collaboration with one of the world`s most passionate photo communities.With the launch of bulk uploading, some people complained that single photo sets were taking up entire pages of Fresh and pushing people out of the limelight too quickly. The most noticeable difference in the tweaked layout is the photo information, which has been moved back to below the slideshow view rather than aligning it next to the photograph. Head on over to Flickr yourself to see if the new style has been implemented for you, and let us know what you think of the newest layout in the comments down below. With the introduction of the new liquid layout, we are also introducing the new photo sizes to our API and in the All Sizes” menu.

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