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Based on the look of Suckerfish HoverLightbox , this one uses my multi-page layout system but includes images instead of text. This was a senseless crime that took a son, brother and father from a family that loves him dearly,” a statement on the page said. Check out some of the amazing prizes from our partners below and visit our Prizes page for more goods up for grabs. The winner of the Blizzard Costume Contest will take home this state-of-the-art gaming laptop by Schenker Visit the Activities page for details. Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) is an open source project released under the GNU/GPL terms.This year`s gamescom will be held from Wednesday August 15 to Sunday August 19, in Cologne, Germany.  Be sure to check out the daily recaps for the details of all our activities at gamescom this year, and our updated photo gallery for pictures from each day of the event. Take a look at our photo gallery for pictures from the event, and stay tuned for a full recap tomorrow! As always, check out our photo gallery for updated pictures and our activities page for a full stage schedule. If pages are loading slow or not loading at all, ensure your images are not too large.The Coppermine development team is releasing an update for Coppermine in order to fix several minor issues.  Be sure to check out our photo gallery for updated pictures from the Blizzard booth, and visit our activities page for a full schedule of what`s to come. Visit our Activities page for full details, and stop by the official gamescom site for info on the event. Visit our Prizes page for details on the goods up for grabs, and check out our Activities page for more information on our contests and a full stage schedule.Responsive Content Slider helps to build stellar rotating visual experiences.  Visit our Activities page for details, and be sure to check back here soon for more on what we have in store for you at gamescom! PhotoSwipe can be closed simply by scrolling the page (on non-touch devices), thus avoiding any extra movement of the mouse. Envira Gallery allows you to completely customize your gallery with our built-in templates or with your own.All basic gestures are supported: flick to the next or previous image, spread to zoom in, drag to pan, pinch to zoom out or close, tap to toggle the controls, double-tap to zoom. PhotoSwipe will not slow the page from loading, because you can defer loading the gallery`s JavaScript file or even load it after the user has clicked the Open gallery” button. Well, I got this installed and working, but I`ll be darned if I see what good it is. The nicest thing I can say is that my idea of a Photo Gallery must be unlike anybody else`s. The perfect theme for photo portfolios, featuring a masonry-styled thumbnail grid, a fullscreen view and nifty details.
Join the World Press Photo community to create collections, engage with other members and receive personalized recommendations from our editors. Please just compress to code snippet and then cut and paste Jssor Slider into your ebay listing template, your ebay store home page. Photo Gallery Tools - the complete set for professionals that can assist quickly create stunning online presentation, photo gallery or slideshow for the best performance of your ideas.See Photoblogger > Thumbnails > Folders > Caption placement, and choose Slide up. The actual contents of the caption are set in the Caption template box above that. Laza`s example uses some custom template coding - the default shows only the folder date, its title, and any comment you`ve entered for the folder. I have to disagree slightly, although Stargate is an awesome franchise and idea.There are two pretty iconic lead performances that have ingrained themselves on the public here: Kurt Russell`s in the movie and Richard Dean Anderson`s on the SG-1 TV series. On the plus side, except for the TARDIS, the Stargate is the best of all possible of generators for a story that can go anywhere/anywhen, so the possibilities are endless. In the movies, anything is possible, even killing disease, evil leader, world hunger, bring world universal peace, unite the planet and the most important, bring the people together to work on the ultimate goal: colonization of the universe.We should also try to avoid confusing intergalactic travel (i.e. Stargate” movie) with intersteller travel (most of SG-1). It always bothered me that they kept the stargate program secret in the face of multiple close annihilations and such amazing world changing technology. Episodes about people leaking the stargate did not focus on the complex decision it is, but rather made the leakers flat villains.I for one would be outraged if they kept such great technology secret and I would like to see a series examine the SG universe from this perspective. What a waste that TPTB have not done a really epic movie involving that, for example a rogue captain bent on destruction using it or the need to change something that has gone really wrong. All this movie can do is introduce the world to millions of new people and regenerate interest in what came earlier. The animated series should never have existed, an should be cast into the deepest, darkest part of hell to be forgotten forever.
Then there were two movies Stargate SG-1 Ark of Truth (which finished the Season 9-10 story arc) & Stagate SG-1 Continuum (which finished the longest running story arc in the series). Stargate Universe is currently one of the most wanted tv series` to be bought by Netflix or renewed by fans. Star Trek`s reboot was done in a way that leaves the original material still canon.Star Trek needed a reboot only in the marketing sense - it was easier to sell famous names like Kirk and Spock to the audience, or really, to the suits who always play the CYA game. They did happen, in another universe :) Oh come on. You really don`t want to see a Stargate story happen again. Jona, I`m a big big fans of Stargate (I saw every episodes of SG-1 at least 10 times and Atlantis at least 5 times. The original movie was great in every sense, the lead actors were brilliant choices.I love the series, and would love nothing more than a follow-up movie to SG-1 or SG-A. They forgot to mention that emmerich ho borrowed the whole idea from Carl Sagan went on to be jealous and talk smack about the immensely successful 17 years of Stargate work that was built with nothing to do with him. He HATES the Stargate fans around the world love and because of ego and greed, has always hoped to snuff it out, contradict it with a totally different story line, then take the reins himself for ego and profit. I didn`t have the impression at all that they plan to do the original movie over again!If you are so traitorous, as you`re walking up to the ticket booth, imagine all the cast and crew who worked so hard to create the last 17 years of excellence. Emmerich and Devlin aren`t the ones shutting down, killing, and buying the TV Stargate universe. Wright and Cooper already did that by making Atlantis, Universe and the last few years of SG-1 so unwatchable. It had a lot more character development & backstory going on then the other two shows mainly due to the larger cast of characters. It was a total of 17 years of Stargate if you add all the season counts together, the actual time on tv was 14 years.Stargate aired from 1997-2011, its the series that really made Syfy (Sci Fi) Channel popular (not discrediting the help of Farscape). If you have not watched SGU from start to finish then you missed out on some good storytelling in the Stargate universe. I personally loved the movie and don`t get what people hated about it. But I`m looking forward to seeing more Stargate, especially in the theatre.
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