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After you`ve signed in or registered your details with us, click the ‘create my page` button.  To switch to tiled layouts from the default, head over to Settings → Media in your blog`s dashboard, scroll down to Image Gallery Carousel,” and select the box next to Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.” Note that choosing this option makes this layout the default for all your blog`s galleries, including those you`ve previously inserted.It automatically generates a web photo album from your photo selection and comes with ready made and customizable gallery templates.  I`m glad you liked it. I`ve been thinking about this for several months now, and was fortunate to have a few parents willing to talk to me about it. For the most part, when it happens to people they shut down their blogs and facbook pages and step away from social media — which is a frustrating side effect because it silences their voices and means that there`s one less resource for families who are facing a diagnosis and want to learn about how other families handle it.Image galleries on are a great way to share your pictures with your friends, family, and your followers.  If they were going to make a continuation of the SG-1 storyline years in the future and make a trilogy showing how we`ve advanced and the new” bad guy I`d be all for it. When you want to reboot something that did amazingly well, you`re only doing it for the name and the money that you know will come along with it. Take a page from the new Star Wars trilogy.UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has been offering considerate, constructive feedback on the new design!  Stargate took in $16.7 million on its opening weekend, 50 and received mixed reactions from critics; while it was panned by some critics such as Roger Ebert , 51 several positive reviews counterbalanced this leading to a score of 46% on Rotten Tomatoes 52 Although the film was originally intended as the first of a trilogy of films, 16 Emmerich and Devlin ultimately moved on to produce Independence Day , and it was not until 2006 that Devlin showed renewed interest in developing sequels.In the ongoing effort to reach a happy medium between beauty and functionality, Flickr is yet again tweaking the layout of its photo pages.  Big Bad : Several Chief among them are the Wraith (among which no single Wraith has managed to claim the title of overall leader, although Todd managed to get pretty close even though he cooperated with Atlantis more often than against them), but there`s also the Asurans (lead by Oberoth), Michael and his Hybrid faction, and the evil Asgard were to be another significant adversary before the cancellation.
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This makes a lot of sense, considering he and Carter nearly died there several seasons ago in Stargate SG-1 when they were stranded there after a gate malfunction, nearly died again in Season 5 when they unfroze the Ancient plague, and nearly died again in Season 7, first when attacked by Anubis` fleet, then when his head full of Ancient database forced him into cryosleep.McKay is the guy that the writers forgot that walked 6+ miles just from the Stargate and back and forth and back for a total of at least 24 miles without breaking a sweat or falling behind, while carrying a heavy rifle, and bearing a full fifty to seventy pounds of field gear in Season Three`s Vengeance — with the writers constantly poking fun at him for being out of shape in dozens of episodes.Pay Evil unto Evil : the Atlantis team do this quite a lot here and there, doing some pretty bad things (sometimes even pretty terrible things) to people or creatures who are perceived by the team as evil or who have acted in aggressive enough ways to constitute a threat (with the Not Even Human point of view coming into play, non-human entities can get judged quite harshly).Während zur Comicreihe zu Stargate Universe nun eine erste Zeichnung von Colonel Young auf Twitter veröffentlicht wurde , gibt es eine Woche vor dem PREVIEWS-Release der ersten Ausgabe der Stargate Atlantis -Comics einige weitere Informationen zu diesem Projekt: Aus einer Beschreibung im PREVIEWS-Katalog geht hervor, dass die erste Ausgabe 3,99 US-Dollar kosten und am 27.04.2016 in den Handel kommen soll.Darunter die Serienkategorien , die bei Bedarf eingesetzt werden, die neue Vorlage:IMDB zur einfachen und einheitlichen Verlinkung auf die englische Internet Movie Database in ähnlicher Form wie die schon lange etablierte Vorlage:Wikipedia und die Vorlage:GDatum , deren Erstellung und Implementierung in allen Artikeln eigentlich schon im letzten Jahr geschah, allerdings gingen diese Bearbeitungen durch den Crash vor ein paar Monaten verloren.